Naturally Colored Cotton

What is Naturally Colored Cotton?

Naturally Colored Cotton is the naturally pigmented fiber that grows in shades of green and brown. There are no pollution-causing fertilizers , harmful pesticides or chemicals used in planting, growing, spinning, and the finishing of fabric and garments.


Why choose Naturally Colored Cotton?

Conventional cotton:
Conventional cotton is very prone to insect attacks and large quantities of the most toxic insecticides are used in its production. Cotton accounts for about 25% of the global insecticides market by value and about 10% of the pesticides market.The intensive use of toxic insecticides and other toxic chemicals in cotton have caused serious health and environmental problems. Conventional cotton is produced throughout the process of dyeing and bleaching. There are thousands of harmful or toxic ingredients used in these processes, and the effluent is discharged to water and fields which cause damage to eco –system. It takes millions of year for restoration of this watershed to recover.

Baby Skin:
Human skin can absorb the harmful substances contained in garments, which spreads into the body, and may cause cancer, or skin allergies. A Baby’s skin is especially sensitive and delicate, naturally colored cotton is free of dyes and bleach,, so it contains no harmful substances, and provides a safe and healthy environment for your baby.

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